Pro-Trump rapper posts music video featuring AI-generated Drake and 21 Savage

Loza Alexander/Youtube

Pro-Trump rapper posts music video featuring AI-generated Drake and 21 Savage

The real Drake is not a Trump supporter.


Katherine Huggins


Posted on Sep 21, 2023   Updated on Sep 21, 2023, 9:41 am CDT

Pro-Trump rapper Loza Alexander dropped a new song last week featuring deepfake versions of Drake and 21 Savage.

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The lyrics of the song, “Strong Delusion,” criticize the acceptance of transgender women, label President Joe Biden a criminal, and praise former President Donald Trump.

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“Trying to teach the kids to be stupid. Like, what is a woman? What do you think?” raps the deepfake Drake at one point. “Y’all need to put down the drink. Liberals soft, they look like a mink, y’all need to work out the kinks. Biden don’t even know what a woman is even though he got a mama and some kids.”

Alexander has promoted the song on social media, with one TikTok video reaching 1 million views.

“Drake is a Trump supporter now?” reads the text overlay.

The real Drake is very much not a Trump supporter, telling a London crowd in 2017, “F**k that man.”

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21 Savage has taken a softer stance, saying he’s not a political person but doesn’t have a problem with Trump.

Savage added that he liked Trump during his time hosting the reality TV show The Apprentice, saying: “I used to fuck with him, I thought he was gangsta, how he used to handle business.”

Alexander’s AI-generated music is available on Spotify, though the platform has previously cracked down on AI-fueled music. In April, Spotify removed a different fake Drake song that had gone viral.

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Alexander posted on X that “Strong Delusion” was temporarily removed from TikTok for an apparent violation of the Community Guidelines.

“Strong delusion banned on tik tok at 1 million views and they banned it as soon as it hit Spotify and iTunes… because they don’t want it going #1…” Alexander wrote on Tuesday. “but it’s in stores now, I’m sick and tired of my art being destroyed by big tech… they won’t let me win.”
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Alexander updated on Thursday morning that it “was recently unbanned.”

It’s not the first time the pro-Trump rapper has incorporated AI into his work. In May, he released “2024,” which featured AI voices of both Trump and Kanye West.

Alexander has made a name for himself producing music focusing on Trump, U.S. politics, and the culture war.

His song, “Let’s go Brandon,” hit number one on the hip-hop chart on iTunes in 2021 and reached No. 38 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

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*First Published: Sep 21, 2023, 9:40 am CDT

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