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Account that outed Musk’s alleged alt says he left site over suspicious threats

'I received some very, very creepy DM's...'


Mikael Thalen


Posted on Feb 21, 2024

The popular comedic social media account “Liam Nissan” revealed why his profile on X suddenly disappeared this week.

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Hashtags such as #FreeLiamNissan became a top trend on Monday after the user, known for his criticisms of X owner Elon Musk, vanished from the platform. Many were quick to blame Musk for the removal given Nissan’s recent tweets mocking the billionaire and exposing what he alleged to be one of Musk’s alts.

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But Nissan noted shortly after in a post on Bluesky, a social media platform run in part by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, that he had voluntarily deleted his profile.

“Elon didn’t ban me, I left because of creepy ass threats,” Nissan said.

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In subsequent posts, Nissan detailed what he described as the “very, very creepy DM’s” he had received on X.

“Look, I’m not abandoning you guys,” they said. “I received some very, very creepy DM’s from Twitter accounts that were overtly pro Russian and they knew some personal info nobody should’ve known.”

Nissan added that the DMs came just after the X user Adrian Dittmann asked others in a Spaces chat room if they could find out his identity. Many believe the Dittmann account is actually run by Musk himself given that the pair have seemingly identical voices and Dittman slavishly praises Musk.

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“Most people are pretty good when you get them out of ‘Elon’s hive mind,'” Nissan continued. “These Nazis won’t win in November.”

Despite the response, however, Nissan appears to have deleted his Bluesky account shortly after. The Daily Dot was unable to reach the user behind the Nissan account for comment.

Nissan recently made headlines after tricking Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) earlier this month into thinking he was the Hollywood actor Liam Neeson.

“Another Hollywood Actor thinking they know what’s best for Texas. Listen here Liam, make like an actor, and learn your role, and leave dealing with the border to me,” Abbott replied in a now-deleted post.

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Nissan was suspended by X at the time but eventually had his account reinstated.

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*First Published: Feb 21, 2024, 12:24 pm CST

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