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LG’s new G6 smartphone revealed in leaked photo

The phone has an oddly familiar look…


Christina Bonnington


LG is set to unveil its next flagship smartphone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, and it’s expected to be one of the event’s biggest announcements. (Samsung, which has headlined the smartphone-focused media event in the past, won’t be attending this year.) By the time MWC arrives a month from now, there may not be many surprises about the phone left, though. The Verge discovered a leaked image of LG’s G6, and while it looks decidedly different from past LG smartphones, it also looks very familiar.

The G6 appears to be made of glass and metal, with a bezel along the front edge reminiscent of Apple’s iPhone 7. Rather than traditionally sharp rectangular edges, the display on the front features rounded corners. While that doesn’t seem to serve any practical purpose, it does make the phone look softer, perhaps even friendlier (if a glass and metal slab can look friendly, that is). The display (previously confirmed by LG) is a 5.7-inch, 2880×1440 resolution LCD with an unusual 18:9 aspect ratio. 

The phone will still include a headphone jack and will be waterproof, according to the Verge. Like previous models such as the V20 and G5, the G6 will also include a dual camera on the back. By including a wide angle lens alongside your typical smartphone camera lens, this dual system makes it easier to shoot landscape images and group shots, then zoom in for fine details without compromising on image quality. Below those dual lenses, the phone is also expected to have a fingerprint sensor.

Last year, the modular G5 failed to capture consumer interest. With a more traditional look, the G6 may build more on the success of the photo and media-centric LG V20, which was announced back in September. 

LG is expected to announce the G6 on Feb. 26.

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