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Futuristic Lexus car glows based on driver’s heartbeat

The ultimate in car customization.


Mike Wehner


We all customize our cars, whether with subtle steering wheel covers or full-on paint jobs, but Lexus just built a car that takes personalization to an entirely new level.

This sleek, speedy RC F coupe pulses brightly in tune with its driver’s heartbeat.

The vehicle, built by Lexus Australia, is coated in a special reactive paint that glows when the car is on. The driver is then wired with sensors to detect heart rate, and a system syncs the paint’s glowing pulses with the beats of the driver’s heart.

The result is a car that is both eye catching and fantastically futuristic. 

In addition to showing off the vehicle, Lexus also put it in the hands of three professional drivers and set them loose on a track in the dead of night. They call it “Heart Racing”—get it?—and Lexus has put up a countdown that ends on July 24, at which point we assume we’ll get a more in-depth look at how the nighttime shenanigans unfolded. 

Photo via Lexus

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