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‘Daddy Karl Marx’ is having a moment on TikTok

The Communist Manifesto meets TikTok.

Aug 14, 2020, 4:29 pm*



Colleen Hagerty

TikTok users have never been afraid to get political, and their latest hashtag trend features none other than 19th-century theorist Karl Marx.

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#KarlMarxismyDaddy has more than 320,000 views on the platform, with many posts putting a modern-day spin on the influential German writer and his communist ideals.

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The most popular post using the hashtag comes from @vegandannydevito.

“Y’all are like CEO of this or CEO of that. First of all, guillotine CEOs,” he says in the TikTok, which is captioned, “and that’s on siezing [sic] the means of production!”

“We’re not gen Z we’re the guilloteens,” one user added in the comments.

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Another popular TikTok pairs sound from a Khloe Kardashian cookie-stacking tutorial (can’t make that up) with a video zooming in on a copy of Marx’s The Communist Manifesto.

“Fun fact: in highschool I was voted ‘most likely to overthrow the government,'” @elllemarx wrote in that caption, along with the #KarlMarxismyDaddy hashtag.


Others shared Marxist musings or photos of the man himself with TikTok staples, including the songs “Savage” and “Material Girl.”

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Of course, this is not Marx’s first time being memed, but leave it to TikTok and Gen Z—excuse me, the guilloteens—to find a way to pair Marxism with Madonna.


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*First Published: Aug 5, 2020, 7:00 am