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‘Cringe’: People think Kamala Harris adopted a French accent on France trip in viral video

Is it a controversy?


David Covucci


Published Nov 12, 2021   Updated Nov 12, 2021, 10:49 am CST

Vice President Kamala Harris is in France this week. The goal of the trip is to strengthen U.S. ties after some drama over a scuttled submarine deal upset the French.

She may not be, uhh, smoothing things over as well as the administration might hope. Now twice on the trip Harris has been accused of faking a French accent while talking to people.

First, her tone and emphasis on the word “the” while speaking to French scientists drew some outrage and uproar earlier this week.

It could just be a weird way of talking, but given the locale and how it sounds, it certainly is easy to assume she’s trying to adopt a French accent. If it’s not her openly mocking the French, it sure is something, which Twitter users ran with this week.

But today, Harris appears (maybe?) to have done it again. After talking about “the plan” with scientists, she talked about “the topic” while at a press conference.

That video is sure less damning than the previous one, with almost no discernible extra emphasis. And many jumped to slam the reporter who posted it, calling it a non-story.

Either way, Harris reportedly didn’t bring up the submarine deal with French President Emmanuel Macron, which means the sum of this trip is whatever this drama is.

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*First Published: Nov 12, 2021, 10:40 am CST