John Fetterman with ice pack and his wife

Senator John Fetterman/X

John Fetterman’s car crash causes panic in newfound conservative fanbase: ‘Dems are sending a message’

Fetterman rear-ended another vehicle.


Katherine Huggins


Right-wing conspiracy theorists are blaming the left somehow for a car crash in Maryland that sent Sen. John Fetterman (D-Penn.) and his wife Gisele to the hospital on Sunday.

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The couple were discharged from the hospital that afternoon and Fetterman posted on X that “they were both great.”

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“You have heard we were involved in a car accident and that’s absolutely true,” he said as wife added, “It was the worst anniversary ever.”

The senator thanked those who gave him well wishes as he displayed the frozen peas he used to ice himself.

Fetterman’s spokesperson confirmed to the New York Post that he had rear-ended another car on a highway.

Although Fetterman was the one to have rear-ended another driver, some right-wingers online are calling foul play—and insinuating that something much darker was behind the accident.

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“Guess the D’s are sending Fetterman a message,” commented one user on Truth Social.

“The DNC is responsible because Fetterman has been using common sense,” wrote someone else.

As Fetterman has alienated some on the left by ditching the progressive label, he has become a new favorite of some conservatives for his takes on the Israel-Palestine conflict, the southern border, and more.

He’s even been dubbed “based.”

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A breathless claim by the far-right blog the Gateway Pundit dubbed it an “Attempted Assassination.”

Its readers agreed.

“Fetterman has changed his views recently regarding the Leftists policies and methods they’re using. He’s no longer as useful to them after they fought so hard to get him elected. Maybe they’re trying to get rid of him so they can replace him with someone who will go along with them,” wrote one respondent.

The apparent policy pivots, Fetterman said on Friday, are somewhat attributable to the stroke he experienced last year.

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“It’s freeing in a way,” Fetterman told Bill Maher. “And I just think after beating all of that, I just really [want to] be able to say the things that I have to really believe in and not be afraid of if there’s any kind of blowback.”

Fetterman’s unexpected views are what is prompting right-wingers to draft new conspiracy theories about the car accident.

“That was just a friendly reminder from his party that he better fall into place,” one Truth Social user surmised.

“Did someone fix his brakes?” questioned another.

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However, while Fetterman’s stances have earned him plaudits from the right, the idea the DNC would want to take him out is fairly nonsensical, given his newfound takes put him more in line with centrist Democrats.

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