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Joe Biden mixes up wife, sister at Super Tuesday speech

Joe Biden can have a little celebratory gaffe, as a treat.


David Covucci


Former Vice President Joe Biden got a big boost this evening with victories in some key states on Super Tuesday.

Wins in Virginia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Minnesota left the Biden camp feeling good, especially given how the campaign has been beset by gaffes and stumbles.

So Biden took the stage in front of supporters in California and promptly added his newest gaffe and stumble.

He accidentally introduced his wife as his sister.

He played it off with a laugh, noting that his sister and wife, who were up on the stage with him, “switched on me.”

But Biden kicking off his big Super Tuesday speech with a moment like that was too much for the internet to pass up.

Trump fans, who have been concerned about a potential Biden-Trump race, jumped on it as well.

That, though, wasn’t the only viral moment from his speech. Vegan protesters jumped onstage, holding a sign criticizing the dairy industry.

Joementum. It’s… it’s something.


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