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Biden tells factory worker he’s ‘full of sh*t’ during gun argument

It’s certainly an interesting ploy to win over voters.


Siobhan Ball


While touring an auto plant in Detroit, Joe Biden was caught on film telling an auto plant worker that he “was full of shit” when the factory worker challenged Biden on guns.

During the argument, which was about Second Amendment rights, Biden, who is running for the Democratic nominee for president, also referred to popular AR-15 rifles as AR-14s, called them machine guns, and claimed that they were already banned.

The entire encounter has people questioning Biden’s fitness as the democratic presidential candidate.

There’s been a lot of focus on Biden’s apparent confusion over the AR-15. While the AR-14 does seem to be an actual gun, albeit a little known one, it’s also clearly not the firearm that Biden is referring to here. And it was jumped on by his opponents on the right and those who stand against gun control.

News outlets reported Biden also said he would slap the man after telling him they should go “outside,” although that’s unclear from the video.

For many, the real concern is the disrespect and aggression displayed towards a potential voter, with one person noting, “this is how we lose the rust belt to Donald Trump”.

#BidensCognitiveDecline is trending as a result of the conversation.

Some are responding to the hashtag by pointing out its inherent ableism and the harm of armchair diagnosis. But very few are attempting to defend his hostility and aggression.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the Biden campaign for comment and will update this article if they respond.


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