James Comey 2020 Tweet

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James Comey jokes about running in 2020—and no one is here for it



Andrew Wyrich


Former FBI Director James Comey appeared to join countless other people who made bad April Fools’ Day jokes on Twitter on Monday, implying that he was running in the 2020 presidential election.

Comey’s Twitter account has long been a place for him to needle President Donald Trump or just comment on the news of the day, but his probable joke about being “in” the 2020 election was not met well with people.

“I’m in. We need someone in the middle. #2020,” Comey wrote as a caption of a photo of him standing (sort of) in the middle of a road looking into the distance.

Predictably, no one thought the tweet was funny. (No one thought Comey’s get-out-the-vote tweet ahead of the midterm elections was worth it either).



Other people pointed out that the former FBI director really likes to post photos of himself staring off into the distance.


Of course, it’s really just the fact that this tweet was made on April Fools’ Day that made people think it was a joke. It’s entirely possible Comey could run a straight middle-of-the-road campaign.

If Comey does run for president, we expect Howard Schultz’s will-he-won’t-he bid to be a model of what to expect.

Seriously, no one really wants Comey to run for president.


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