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Use this $20 toolkit for almost any modern gadget repair

Mend broken screens and more using iFixit’s $20 electronics toolkit.


Christina Bonnington


If you’re looking for a good toolkit for the digital age, iFixit’s got you covered—on the cheap, too. The site’s DIY repair gurus have put together the Essential Electronics Toolkit, a relatively compact yet robust toolbox for smartphone, tablet, and notebook repairs.

The kit, which costs $19.95, includes 28 different pieces, including 16 driver bits which you can use to unscrew 99 percent of gadgets, as well as six different opening picks for prying your electronics apart. It’s also got everything you need to successfully remove a phone screen or battery, including a nylon spudger and a flexible stainless steel “jimmy.” In addition to servicing electronics, you can use the tools in this kit for fixing other things around the house, including eyeglasses, doorknobs, and home appliances. 

All these tools are housed in a foam-lined box with a magnetic lid, so everything stays organized and tidy. Additionally, you can use that lid as a sorting tray when you start taking a gadget apart, ensuring you don’t lose a tiny, vital component when you eventually put things back together. 

With the holidays around the corner, this kit could be the perfect gift for the DIYer in your life—or the person who is constantly replacing their phone screen. 

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