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Memers push for ‘Free Hunter Biden’ walkout this Friday

Others proposed a general strike.


Marlon Ettinger


After Hunter Biden’s conviction Tuesday morning on three federal felony charges for lying about being on drugs while buying a gun, memes flooded the internet mocking and supporting Biden, sometimes in equal measure and at the same time.

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Those memes ranged from tongue-in-cheek calls for Hunter to be freed, irony-pilled fanboying over Biden’s drug-fueled adventures, and standard mockery, along with backlash from others about the pseudo-support for Joe Biden’s son.

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Biden’s felony convictions, the first for the son of a sitting president, and the behavior fueled by his longtime drug abuse have long been fodder for jokes, discussion, and potential political scandal.

When a laptop owned by Biden was procured by Rudy Giuliani, then posted online in an easily readable format by conservative research organization Marco Polo, news about Biden’s antics and behavior went even more viral, backed this time by reams of photos and videos.

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Footage from that laptop formed part of the evidence prosecutors brought against him during his trial in Delaware court.

After he was found guilty, photos from the laptop were also used by a wide variety of memers, some of whom made tongue-in-cheek about the unjustness of Biden’s conviction, calling it unfair, while others celebrated Biden for being “the man.”

Hunter Biden memes

“Guilty on three counts of being the man,” posted @skanks17 on X, alongside photos from Biden’s laptop of him in a jockstrap, sunglasses, and a red scarf, as well as one of Biden in sunglasses shirtless with a woman photographed to look like former President Donald Trump’s wife Melania.

Some joked they wouldn’t take the conviction lying down.

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“Sam and I are organizing a Free Hunter Biden rally,” posted @jer_donovan_.

They were joining in a chorus of mostly tongue-in-cheek calls to free Biden, including a meme poster calling for a school walkout on June 14 in support of the president’s son.

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Others called for a general strike.

An edit of some of Hunter’s crack-smoking exploits set to Biggie Smalls’ Ten Crack Commandments also was a hit with some posters, with most people sharing the video with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

“guilty of being too cool,” posted @petroglio in one share of the video.

“All the Rightwing does is make Hunter Biden out to be a cool dude,” posted @robisraelart, picking up on the ‘Cool Hunter’ theme a lot of the memes were hitting on. “He likes to party hard, hang with hot babes at motels, and buy guns. Dude is living the American dream that Rightwingers like Joe Rogan and Kid Rock sell to their audience.”

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But not everybody thought the jokes were cute, with some people posting that ironic lionizing of Biden for using hard drugs, soliciting prostitutes, and getting away with most of it was nothing to look up to.

“pretending that Hunter Biden is cool and not a repulsive degenerate is probably one of the more annoying thing liberals get up to,” posted @JohnWakefieId.

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“What redeems hunter biden is the fact that hes going to jail. His addiction fucked up his life so much the federal government his dad is in charge of prosecuted him and put him in jail,” shot back @zeHappyWarrior. “This guy liked crack so much literally all the privilege in the world couldn’t save him.”

And memes aside, some conservative posters took Biden’s conviction to stand on principle, bashing the gun laws that got him convicted.

“Unpopular but…free Hunter Biden,” posted @keebler45. “Fuck those stupid gun laws.”

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