Hunter biden over security footage

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‘Hunter & Diddy Must Be Brothers’: Videos claiming Hunter Biden dragged woman through hotel circulate online

‘Make sure to share this far and wide because the media won’t.’


Mikael Thalen


A viral video on social media claims to show Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden who was recently found guilty of federal gun crimes, chasing a woman in what appears to be a hotel.

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But is the footage real?

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The video, which appears to have been obtained from a surveillance camera, shows a woman being chased out of a hotel room by a nude man. The woman is then violently dragged back to the room shortly after.

A pro-Trump account on X shared the video while comparing Hunter to Sean “Diddy’ Combs, who recently apologized after video of him beating an ex-girlfriend in a hotel hallway surfaced online.

“Hunter & Diddy Must Be Brothers,” the user wrote.

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Just that one post alone was seen more than 3.4 million times. Another copy of the video shared to Facebook also went viral but was eventually removed by the platform.

In another video posted to TikTok and re-shared on X, the media was accused of covering up the footage by refusing to provide coverage.

“Make sure to share this far and wide because the media won’t,” the user Melissa Dawn wrote. “This is Hunter Biden and pedo drug addicted depravity. His father hides it for him. The Biden’s are monsters.”

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Replies to the video across social media likewise condemned the media while lashing out at Hunter and his father.

“Of course there’s media silence when an unregistered, sex offender still not prosecuted walks around free! Why is that?” one X user asked.

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“Any Democrat women want to weigh in???” another asked. “And no, that’s not P Diddy, it’s the 1st son Hunter.”

Some even argued that the tattoos on the man’s back in the video perfectly matched those of Hunter.

Is the Hunter Biden hotel video real?

But plenty of users noted that the tattoos did not match and pushed back on what they saw as the spread of misinformation.

“That definitely is not Hunter. Wrong race, wrong body, wrong tats” one user said.

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“He’s bad for sure but this video ain’t Hunter, it’s another creep!” a separate user added.

While it may be too late to convince anti-Biden voters on social media, the videos have already been fact-checked on X, Facebook, and elsewhere.

A Community Note highlights how the video was originally traced back to an Instagram post that never once mentioned Hunter. Other sources later found earlier versions of the clip posted to the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

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Either way, with the different tattoos as well as the video’s origin, it is apparent that Hunter is not the individual shown. But given how viral the clip has already become, it’s unlikely that Hunter’s opponents will change their mind anytime soon.

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