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How to download Vine videos before it’s too late

Countdown to extinction.


Kristen Hubby


Published Jan 8, 2017   Updated May 25, 2021, 6:07 am CDT

Vine‘s days are numbered. 

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The app, whose six-second videos ushered in a new wave of viral video stars, will be put to rest on Jan. 17 and rebranded as Vine Camera. In its new form, users will still be able to make videos—they just won’t be able to share them on the Vine app.  

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Instead, the Vine website will serve as an archive, preserving all of the vines that made us laugh and cry over the years. That’ll keep the vines shared on Twitter active, too. 

But after Jan. 17, you won’t be able to download them anymore. Here’s how to backup your videos while you still can. 

How to download your vines

If created through the app, all vines are available for download, and the company is encouraging users to save them as soon as possible. The process is the same for both iOS and Android, head to your profile and click “Save Videos.” 

Screengrab via Vine App

Users have the option to save their videos to their phone’s gallery or request a download link that will be sent to their email with MP4 files. If a link is requested, the email will include files that contain your Vine captions, along with the number of likes, comments, and revines. 

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Screengrab via Vine App

Keep in mind that after you request a download link, any other vines created after your request will not be included.

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Screengrab via Vine App

Select the videos you would like to download, click save, and then take a sigh of relief. 

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How to transfer your followers

Users can connect their Vine and Twitter accounts. Vine is planning on rolling out a “Follow on Twitter” to help people make the leap. The feature hasn’t been implemented yet, but Vine assures users they will be notified when it’s time. Both social media accounts need to be public for ti to work. You’ll find that option in your settings.  

What will be lost?

You mean besides one of the greatest platforms for sharing comedic relief through short-form video? New videos will not be created on the app after Jan. 17, and Vine messages and comments will not be saved with videos. 

If you aren’t sure what vines might be worth saving, here are a few we figured might bring a smile to your face during this grave, social media mourning. 

Watch out

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Cutting you off like

Basketball anyone?

Screamo Sloth

Gorillaz Pt. 2

This is the future

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Vine may be gone, but at least the videos will remain alive.

For more Vine classics, check out our definitive list of the best Vine videos of all time. 

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*First Published: Jan 8, 2017, 6:00 am CST