Washington, DC - October 6, 2017: Two unidentified men display their support for President Donald J. Trump through the hats they are wearing during a visit to the National Zoo.

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‘The levels of alpha male in this one photo:’ Teen GOP operative sparks mocking meme with post of bros flexing in D.C.

It’s the new ‘peak male performance’ meme.


Marlon Ettinger


A picture of a group of teenaged GOP operatives in the DC Metro went viral on X today, with users dunking on the cringe caption and creating their own variations of it.

The post shows “GOPJosh,” who goes by the moniker “the Conservative Crusader,” along with five other young conservative influencers at the Capitol South Metro station in Washington, D.C on Halloween.

“The female mind, the beta mind, and the liberal mind are all the same,” GOPJosh posted. “None of them can comprehend the levels of alpha male in this one photo.

GOPJosh previously went viral for a clearly photoshopped image of himself he posted in May which got Community Noted.

“I’m an alpha,” he wrote in that post. “Liberals fear me.”

“Josh is misrepresenting his actual physical identity,” read the Community Note then.

The new picture, which isn’t photoshopped, was quickly ratioed by users on X who switched out the image of the Young Republicans for all sorts of comical images.

One user posted an image from a Monty Python sketch with the “alpha males” caption.

Other users posted pictures of their pets with the same caption.


Still others joked about the age of the operatives.

“On the plus side, Josh, you’ll be able to use this tweet when you get to ratios in math class,” said one user.

Some of the influencers in the picture have worked directly for the Republican party. 

In recent years, the GOP used companies to recruit young conservative social media influencers to directly support their message. One, called Influenceable, hired influencers directly, with concerns among some that there was a lack of transparency in the hiring process, reported the Texas Tribune.

Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have also cultivated their own young influencers, according to a report by Axios, granting hundreds of “unpaid, independent content creators” access to the White House.

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