The GoBone keeps your dog active while you're away and opens up a whole new world of play when you're together.

Photo via GoBone

Now your dog has someone to play with while you’re at work.

One of the downsides of working and having a dog is worrying that your little buddy isn’t getting the exercise and attention he or she needs while you’re away. GoBone, a recently funded Kickstarter, is the app-controlled pet toy solution for your furry latchkey kid. 

Looking sort of like a brightly colored dumbbell, the GoBone has two wheels that allow it to roll along so your dog has something to chase during the day.

It can be programmed to play games like Fetch or Hide-and-Seek, and the wheels have treat-holders to give your special little guy a reward after its workout. Controls work via your smartphone, so even when you’re away, you can make sure Fido is having fun. 

Utilizing easy-to-clean, fully removable component parts and a rugged waterproof shell, you don’t have to worry about your GoBone getting gross with time. Or at least as not gross as a self-driving chew toy gets.

As always with Kickstarters, there are dangers when it comes to supporting a developmental product, including possibly not getting what you ordered. Still, for dog owners who feel guilty about the number of hours Rex spends all by his lonesome, GoBone could be a treat for both you and your pet.

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