Has Gingrich thrown his support to Romney?

He claims to still be in the race, but it sure looks like he's supporting his leading primary opponent.

Mar 3, 2020, 6:39 am*


Justin Franz 

Justin Franz

Maybe even Newt Gingirch is starting to realize that his time is up, his 15 minutes of fame long passed. At least that’s sure what it looks like online.

Gingrich’s social media properties have scaled back attacks on Mitt Romney, the likely Republican nominee. Now the campaign’s focus is on attacking President Barack Obama.

Although videos posted at the end of March state that the campaign is still in it to win the nomination, efforts to damage Romney have been scaled back. In fact it appears, at least looking at Gingrich’s Facebook page, that their efforts are now focused at taking down the Democratic president and indirectly helping Romney.

In the last few weeks, almost every post by Gingrich on his Facebook page has been aimed at Obama. The attacks even included a new website being plugged earlier this week called ObamaFailures.net. “This infographic website chronicles Barack Obama’s series of devastating failures during his presidency,” the camp wrote.

“This election is crucial for many reasons, but the most important are removing Obama from office and repealing Obamacare. We can achieve this by nominating and electing conservatives to the Presidency and to Congress,” Gingrich wrote in another post.

The campaign is still soliciting money via its Facebook account and websites (including the new ObamaFailures.net). But Gingrich may not be raising money to use for future campaigning—it may be looking to pay off past debts. The Gingrich campaign has been unable to stay out of the red in recent months, according to various news sources. But the former speaker does have some die-hard fans urging him to tough it out.

“I’m with NEWT all the way to the Presidency. Romney is polling VERY badly against 0bama (11-12 pts down) and Santorum could lose his home state of PA- he’s only 2 points ahead now. Face it folks we have 2 fatally flawed candidates and these naysayers will end up thanking NEWT for staying in against all the odds. I admire a man with the kind of courage and resolve that NEWT exhibits. He’s PRESIDENTIAL material,” wrote Suz Nolen.

Even if it appears that Gingrich’s primary goal is to help the Republican party beat Obama, he is losing influence: the drop of Facebook “likes” that the Daily Dot reported earlier this month has only continued.

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*First Published: Apr 24, 2012, 3:40 pm