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‘Fox & Friends’ apologizes for ‘3 Mexican countries’ graphic

‘We apologize for the error – it never should’ve happened.’


Elizabeth VanMetre


A graphic touting President Donald Trump’s decision to end foreign aid to “3 Mexican countries” started making its round on social media after appearing on Fox & Friends Sunday morning.

The State Department announced on Saturday that the Trump administration would be cutting federal aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Trump has claimed that those countries “set up” caravans to bring their people to the U.S. border, according to Reuters.

Fox & Friends co-host Pete Hegseth said the three countries involved correctly, and co-host Ed Henry later apologized for the error. 

“We had an inaccurate graphic onscreen while talking about this very story,” Henry pointed out. “We just want to be clear, the funding is being cut off to the three Central American countries. We apologize for the error — it never should’ve happened.”

But a photo of the mistake had already made its rounds.

According to The Hill, a screenshot was captured first by the Twitter account @badfoxgraphics, but journalists and others were quick to share it themselves.

This wasn’t the first time Fox & Friends messed up one of their graphics. In January the show was in hot water after displaying a graphic that said Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died.

This mistake was also followed by an apology from a Fox & Friends host, according to Mediaite.

“We don’t want to make it seem anything other than that was a mistake. That was an accident. We believe she is still at home, recovering from surgery,” co-host Steve Doocy said, explaining that Ginsburg was still alive and the graphic was merely a control room error.

Trump says there is a “very good likelihood” he would be closing the border this week if Mexico doesn’t stop immigrants from crossing the border into the U.S.

A delegation of Congressional Democrats in El Salvador, including Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) and Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), said it would “do everything in our power to push back on the president’s misguided approach to Central America,” according to the Washington Post.

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