The cutest flash drive ever


Flashpals not only helps save your data. It’s helping save endangered species. 


Jack the Giraffe is the cutest 4GB USB drive that we’ve ever seen. Really.

FlashPals, the company that gave birth to Jack the Giraffe, is passionate about wildlife and saving endangered species. That’s where the inspiration came from for this limited edition drive. They are out on Kickstarter looking to raise $2,500 ($1,389 raised so far with six days to go) for Zena the Zebra, another cuddly addition to the digital wildlife family.

On the tech side, there’s nothing special about the specs. Chipping in $24 will get you Jack the Giraffe, $29 will fetch Zena the Zebra and $50 will get you both.

Sure, it’s expensive, but hey, there’s no price on emotions and saving wildlife.