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A cover of ‘Paint It Black’ done solely with VR is cool as heck

Who needs drums to play drums?


Josh Katzowitz


Drumming covers of all kinds litter YouTube. Everything from cataloging a band’s entire discography in five minutes to the perfect glow stick cover at a Rush concert can be watched and fawned over on the internet.

But have you considered a drumming cover where there are no actual drums?

Emre Tanirgan has, and he’s here to show you how to cover the Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” by drumming Charlie Watts’s parts in virtual reality. It’s a cool process. Tanirgan sets up his virtual drums using a VR app he’s creating called Paradiddle and then proceeds to bang away at the 1966 hit. It looks silly and awesome at the same time.

You can’t see him making use of the virtual kick drum, but Tanirgan explained that the right trigger controls the bass drum and the left trigger allows you to open and close the hi-hat cymbal.

Tanirgan said the app should be out in the next few months. If you’d like another example of how it works, here’s how he rocked out to the Pokémon theme song.

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