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Elon Musk’s response to wildly antisemitic Mel Gibson tweet prompts outpouring of hate speech

It may be the worst tweet he'd ever replied to.


David Covucci


Posted on Jun 7, 2023   Updated on Jun 7, 2023, 8:36 pm CDT

Ever since he purchased Twitter, users have accused Elon Musk of pushing conspiratorial and antisemitic beliefs.

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While Musk has frequently denied the accusations, his actions on the platform have belied his protestations that he doesn’t have a political stance or harbor hateful ideology.

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But just in case there was any last doubt, today Musk engaged with an account pushing both the QAnon conspiracy and antisemitism.

In typical Musk-ian fashion, he played coy, but actively engaging with the account shows just what kind of people Musk doesn’t seem bothered having on his platform.

“You can do adrenochrome or you can hate the Js. Which way western men,” wrote TopLobsta, who bills himself as the host of the “most offensive podcast on the planet.”

Beneath it was a picture of President Joe Biden and Mel Gibson.

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The tweet implies Biden is part of the elite global cabal, a popular theory in QAnon, which posits world leaders stay alive by consuming the secretions of children’s glands. Meanwhile, Gibson has professed wildly antisemitic beliefs in the past, including accusing the Jews of running the world.

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The sentiment is that hating Jewish people is better than being part of an international Jewish cabal.

To which Musk wrote, “Gibson is really that buff these days?”

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That Musk would even engage with a tweet like that was shocking to some.

“Replying to a qanon/nazi post, what the fuck man. This is so fucked what a scumbag,” wrote one.

While Musk could feign ignorance, or claim he wasn’t endorsing antisemitism, the quote tweets to his reply were rife with the kind of offensive content Musk claims is no longer festering on his platform.

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Since Musk responded to his post, TopLobsta has shared more antisemetic jokes and a picture of Musk drawn to look jacked.

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*First Published: Jun 7, 2023, 1:59 pm CDT
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