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Comedian livestreams himself getting a tattoo of Donald Trump performing oral sex

He's not the hero America deserves, but he's the hero America needs.


Aaron Sankin


Posted on May 21, 2016   Updated on May 26, 2021, 5:58 pm CDT

This article will make graphic content great again contains sexually explicit material.

Last weekend, comedian Elijah Daniel tweeted a challenge to his Twitter followers.

By the time a few days had had passed, Twitter came through with the necessary retweets and Daniel, in accordance with the Article 5, Section 32 of the U.S. Constitution, was obliged to put his money where his mouth is. 

By money, Daniel meant a tattoo of a penis. And by mouth, Daniel meant a tattoo of Donald Trump‘s mouth.

In an interview with Fusion, Daniel admitted he was going to get the tattoo regardless of whether his tweet received the requisite #engagement. All the retweets were simply encouragement.

However, Daniel wasn’t content to simply get 2016‘s most topically filthy tattoo, he also decided to livestream the process. On Friday, over 20,000 people watched Daniel get inked.

The tattoo is on Daniel’s leg, right next to the helmet of a Star Wars storm trooper that Daniel recalled getting, “from a guy with horn implants in Florida. He had his eyeballs tattooed black and talked about how much he hated Jesus. Was a good night.”

This is not the first time Daniel has mined Trump’s creepy sexuality for comedy stunts. His Trump slash fiction short story Trump Temptation: The Billionaire and the Bellboy was a hit on Amazon thanks to lines like, “The door creaked open and there he was, handsome as ever, like a giant melting fat carrot with fake hair.”

In February, Daniel was  forcibly removed from a Trump campaign event and questioned by security personal for sneaking in a two foot-long glittery dildo with the intention of flinging it at the former Celebrity Apprentice host.

“He’s the opposite of anything that should have to do with sex,” Daniel said, explaining his fascination with esoteric Trump erotica. “Putting him in uncomfortable sexual settings just makes me laugh. Like when kids swear. It’s cheap comedy, but it makes me laugh.”

Nevertheless, the question remains: why did Daniel get the tattoo? “That’s a good question to ask that I just don’t have the answer to,” he tells the Daily Dot. “There wasn’t really a reason. But I feel like when I do dumb things, it gives my followers a bit of a push to step outside their comfort zones and live a little.”

While it’s easy to write off getting a tattoo of the presumptive nominee of the Republican party performing fellatio on a disembodied phallus as a quote unquote bad idea, Daniel presented the decision as something positively empowering.

Daniel said, as far he knows, his parents aren’t aware of the tattoo; however, “they will be when I go home to visit soon,” he said. “They’re probably already planning the intervention.”

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*First Published: May 21, 2016, 6:19 pm CDT