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Video shows president ‘rejecting’ hug from son Trump Jr.

People think they know why Don Jr. hates Hunter so much after the ‘awkward’ interaction went viral.


Esther Bell


Posted on Nov 3, 2020

Just one day before the election, Donald Trump Jr. gave a motivating speech at a Wisconsin rally beside his father. But people online aren’t talking about Trump Jr.’s pledge to “make liberals cry again.” They’re instead focusing on the moment when Trump seemingly rejected a hug from his son in front of the crowd.

After Trump Jr. finished his speech and thanked the crowd, it looked like he turned to his father for a hug. But it seems he was pushed aside as Trump grabbed the microphone instead.

Vic Berger IV, co-host of Office Hours Live, tweeted the video in slow-motion, complete with sad orchestral music in the background. After grabbing the microphone from his son, Trump sends him on his way with a touch on the shoulder.

The video has been viewed 1 million times on Twitter, and Berger’s post was shared thousands of times. This is not the first video of the first family’s awkward rejection moments to go viral. It seems viewers have noticed a pattern of Trump’s sons getting “rejected” by their father.

Some viewers joked about the hug and expressed their disdain for Trump Jr. “To be fair, I wouldn’t want a hug from Don Jr. either and would avoid it however I could,” one Twitter user wrote.

But others said they felt sorry for Trump Jr. and Trump’s other children. Some believe Trump is truly a narcissist, and feel bad that it may affect his children.

“It doesn’t make me happy. His kids will be just as horrible as him, the circle of hate continues,” one Reddit user wrote. “If Don Jr would get therapy it might break the circle, otherwise I already pity his own children.”

“Trump is hating that someone he stealing his spotlight even if it’s his son doing it to help him,” one Reddit user said.

Some social media users even wondered if Trump’s lack of affection toward his sons is why Trump Jr. hates Hunter Biden so much.

After his rally in Wisconsin Monday, Trump traveled to North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. You can follow the Daily Dot’s election coverage here.

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*First Published: Nov 3, 2020, 5:38 pm CST