Andrew Cuomo at a press conference

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‘Cuomosexuals’ criticized for obsession with New York’s governor in light of his track record

Some say his use of prison labor and cuts to public programs ruin his attractiveness.


Brooke Sjoberg


Are you a “Cuomosexual?” You might be after you watch this video from Randy Rainbow.

The comedian and musician’s latest parody project “Andy!” has prompted a new way to think about the endless press conferences from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

In the video, Rainbow sings about finding Cuomo an attractive alternative to listening in on conferences with President Donald Trump. He then sings about becoming enamored with the governor and calling himself a “Cuomosexual.”

The “Cuomosexual” fever has spread online.

“We are all @randyrainbow on this one. #cuomosexual #stayhome #NewYorkThough,” Twitter user @CindyGallop wrote.

Not everyone is as enamored with the governor as Randy Rainbow. Many have pointed out his use of prison labor and cuts to public programs.

“#cuomosexual is trending as yet another example of why Liberals have absolutely no standards whatsoever,” Twitter user @AshleyBC137 wrote.

For some, Cuomo’s record is more of a deterrent than his looks or press conferences could ever make up for.

“#cuomosexual people are pathetic,” Twitter user @1VeryCrazyWorld wrote. “WAY too many vote based on how a politician makes them feel or how they look. Look at their fucking records people. Some politicians have very long ones, and just because they are good in one situation does not make them good for many others.”


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