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Here is how to bypass a politician’s full voice mailbox

Legacy tech meets the internet.


Phillip Tracy


Published Feb 2, 2017   Updated May 25, 2021, 2:04 am CDT

If you aren’t keen on the way your local or state politicians are running the government, you can always give them a quick call and voice your concerns.

Unless their voice mailbox is full. 

That’s the situation more and more constituents are running into now, as Donald Trump’s polarizing executive orders have galvanized Americans, with hundreds of thousand responding to online calls to action. So what to do when you can’t get through? 

One of the best ways to maneuver around a full voice mailbox is to use a blend of old and new technologies with online faxing. 

One of these services is HelloFax, which lets users send an online document to a fax machine.

Now, sending a fax to your congressperson is about as easy as pushing out an e-mail. Go to the HelloFax website, press on the “send a fax” tab, upload your document, insert the fax number or e-mail address of the recipient, and press send.

The best part: you can do it all for free—for a while at least.

“Anyone can sign up and use HelloFax to send any fax they want to any number they choose, including reaching their local reps,” a HelloFax spokesperson told the Daily Dot. “We start new HelloFax users off with 5 free fax pages with a chance to earn up to 25 pages on our Getting Started page.”

We know you probably have a lot to say right now, so keeping it to five faxes might be a bit of challenge. 

HelloFax has a “home office” plan to go along with its professional and small business options. The consumer-centric subscription costs $10 a month and will let five members send up to 300 faxes a month.

HelloFax is just one of many online faxing services, many of which offer lengthy trials. MetroFax, for example, gives you a 30-day free trial before asking you to pay $7.95 a month for 500 pages.

Online faxing services are an excellent solution for keeping this useful legacy device alive, and happen to be a great way of putting your opinions under the nose of a politician.

That is, unless the person on the receiving end doesn’t know how to use it fax machine.

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*First Published: Feb 2, 2017, 1:29 pm CST