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‘Tom Clancy-style story about a CIA asset’: Why Trump fans think DeSantis’ press secretary is a deep state operative

'They’ve now concocted a Tom Clancy-style story about Pushaw being a CIA asset...'


Mikael Thalen


Posted on Jun 1, 2023

Conspiracy theorists are now convinced that Christina Pushaw, the press secretary for presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis, was implanted by the deep state in order to stop former President Donald Trump.

In a series of tweets this week, pro-Trump users dug into Pushaw’s past and labeled her a “deep state asset” for activities such as listening to a speech from the late John McCain in 2008 and donating money in 2017 to former Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, a prominent Trump critic.

“It’s becoming clear that Christina Pushaw is a deep state asset who was brought onto Team DeSantis in order to boost Ron’s profile & destroy Trump,” the user johnny maga wrote. “She showed up just months after the secret meeting between Murdoch & Ron took place where ‘the deal’ was made. She’s a Trump hater.”

The meeting mentioned by users appears to be to a 2020 incident in which Murdoch reportedly told DeSantis at his vineyard in California that Fox News would back his 2024 presidential run

Instead of merely viewing Murdoch, DeSantis, and Pushaw as simply marginally ideologically opposed to Trump, fans of the twice-impeached president have cast anyone that isn’t him as part of a conspiratorial plot to destroy America.

Pushaw’s support for Ukraine over Russia’s invasion has also earned her condemnation from Trump fans, who have long held up Russian President Vladimir Putin as a crusader against the global elite and pushed for anti-interventionist policies by the U.S.

While Trump has pledged to somehow immediately end the war there, his fans believe the U.S. government will try to instill a president who hopes to keep the conflict going.

“Christina Pushaw is running DeSantis’ propaganda campaign on Twitter and the internet at large,” another pro-Trump user wrote. “Christina also worked with Zelensky (CIA) to help drum up support for the illegal war in Ukraine.”

Others flagged old tweets of her in Ukraine as proof she was somehow secretly still working for the country. In June 2022, Pushaw retroactively registered as a foreign agent for work she did in Georgia, another former Soviet Republic.

Unsurprisingly, Pushaw was also accused of being in the pocket of progressive billionaire George Soros.

In response to the allegations, DeSantis supporters accused Trump’s fans of being disconnected from reality.

“I have never seen a non-politician political operative bother an entire political campaign the way @ChristinaPushaw has gotten under the skin of Team Trump,” one user wrote. “They’ve now concocted a Tom Clancy-style story about Pushaw being a CIA asset and some kind of clandestine operative over in Europe who is now supposedly embedded in the @RonDeSantis campaign to steer it in an establishment direction.”

While to some Pushaw could be seen as a mainline or establishment figure, in the world of Trump supporters, opposing the former president is never just about ideology or politics.

Anyone who comes against Trump, in their eyes, must be part of a sinister plot to keep America down.

Pushaw herself responded to the debate on Twitter over the weekend.

“When the best ‘“’oppo’ you can find on me is that I don’t support Putin… I’m okay with that,” she wrote.

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*First Published: Jun 1, 2023, 9:31 am CDT