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This 8-story car vending machine takes giant coins

It’s as unnecessary as it is fascinating.


Phillip Tracy


Texans are getting another car vending machine courtesy of Carvana, an online-only used car dealer.

The shiny new structure launched in San Antonio, stands eight-stories tall and holds 30 vehicles. It has four attached bays for transporting cars from a platform to their new owners.

The eye-catching installation is more for show than practicality, not that it doesn’t do what is advertised. If you want to purchase a car from a vending machine, just head to Carvana’s website, where you can search for, purchase, finance, and trade a car in all online. From there, you will have the option of having the car delivered to your home or retrieving it out of a vending machine. Once you get to the vending parking garage, Carvana will give you an over-sized coin, a nice complement to the absurdity of this entire process. Just stick the massive coin into the slot and the automated delivery bay will serve you the car you chose online.

“We’ve been offering our free delivery services in the San Antonio market for almost a year and a half now, and reception to the Carvana car buying experience has been great,” said Ernie Garcia, founder and CEO of Carvana told Digital Trends. “We are always looking for the next city to offer our Car Vending Machine pickup experience to and with the high adoption rate of the new way to buy a car in San Antonio, it made sense to offer the unique pickup experience here next. We can’t wait to deepen our ties within the San Antonio community through this launch and make customers’ experiences even more memorable.”

We’re not sure that retrieving a car out of a building is any more convenient than having it delivered to your home, but at least it keeps you from having to deal with those persistent car dealers.

The new all-glass building is the fourth of its kind. Carvana has locations in Houston and Austin, Texas, as well as Nashville, Tennessee.

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