Can social media save Buddy Roemer?

The former Louisiana Governor needs to gain 5,000 supporters in the next three days to qualify for the online primary hosted by American Elect. 


Justin Franz


Published May 11, 2012   Updated Jun 2, 2021, 5:17 pm CDT

For former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer, it’s now or never. The long-shot presidential candidate, who was running as a Republican until earlier this year, has just three days to gain 10,000 supporters at Currently he has just over 5,000 votes in the website’s online primary. And social media may be his only ticket to ride.

If Roemer doesn’t get the 10,000 signatures needed he will not win the first round of caucuses and will have a tougher time gaining entrance into the June 12 online convention. It appears as though Roemer will end his campaign if he doesn’t make the mark.

“URGENT: If I don’t get 10K supporters at @AmericansElect in the next 4 days, my campaign is likely over. It’s up to you, America!#3wayrace,” he tweeted early on Thursday.

It was a message echoing across all of Roemer’s social-media properties, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and even Instagram (where he posted a screenshot of his earlier tweet). Roemer has also taken to YouTube to let voters know where he stands on the issues, such as taxes, energy, and education.

Although the videos are well done—simple and to the point—only a few people have actually watched them. Most of the videos have less than 100 views. But even if it isn’t taking off, it’s not surprising that Roemer is sticking with social media. In fact, Twitter was one of the campaign’s primary platform when going after the American’s Elect title, when his camp launched the idea of having a Roemer account for each and every state. Most of those accounts only have a few dozen members, maybe a few hundred at the most.

Even if Roemer doesn’t win the Americans Elect contest, he has gained many new fans, mostly thanks to those efforts.

“I support Buddy, because he’s not pandering to any demographic,” Facebook user Mathew James Hll wrote. “Don’t get me wrong he does his fair share of politicking, (it) comes with the job, but he never compromises his platform to please people. He understands the problems America faces and knows that as long as politicians are beholden to the banks and cooperate [sic] America those problems will never be fixed.”

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*First Published: May 11, 2012, 10:57 am CDT