No debate invite, no problem: Buddy Roemer turns to Reddit

The former Louisiana governor and congressman became the latest politician to turn Reddit's live-interview section into a social soapbox. 


Chase Hoffberger


Published Jan 6, 2012   Updated Jun 2, 2021, 10:59 pm CDT

Buddy Roemer continues to find alternate avenues online for his political agenda.

Fighting for enough votes in next week’s New Hampshire primary to earn a spot on the GOP debate circuit, the former Louisiana governor and congressman took to Reddit’s massive community yesterday to host his first IAmA.

Roemer (and maybe a staffer or two) stuck mostly to the script, generally forgoing his goofy Twitter personality to speak out on issues like health care, unemployment and cleaning up Washington.

“I would use a broom,” Roemer posted on the latter. “Concentrate on small business as they create jobs. Fair trade with China is also very crucial. Energy indepdnence [sic], it creates a million new jobs and allows small businesses to be successful… Made in America should not be a phrase but a plan of action.”

The IAmA provided a much needed soapbox for a candidate who’s having trouble being taken seriously, as the Reddit community was quick to recognize.

“The $100 limit means he will never have enough money to compete against the corporation funded candidates,” wrote user chaud, sparking debate. “He is a guy running to show what a good candidate would be in an ideal world,” chaud continued. “He has almost zero chance of winning or even gaining visibility without money. That is the sad state of things here in the US.”

Roemer couldn’t help but agree.

“I know I’m a pretty serious candidate,” he wrote. “I would understand it if I wasn’t viable or had no previous experience in politics. I have written or called to be included in all the debates, so they know I want to be in them.”

Until he gets that call, however, Roemer must maintain in the power of places like Reddit, where he’s quickly becoming a natural at mixing policy talk with good guy charm. Here’s a perfect example from the session.

Q: I’ve been a supporter of your campaign since I found out about your message. I’d like to ask, now that I have the opportunity, these questions.

1. Thoughts on the federal reserve?
2. Favorite album(s), if any?
3. How can I help the campaign here in Maryland?

A: 1) It needs to be audited and annually and publicly as well as needs to eliminate humphrey hawkins and should focused on currency evaluations. All board members who have conflict of interests with large banks should be taken off the board.
2) Lyle Lovett anything he produces is the best.
3) Recruit! Be a campaign manager in your state. Ask family, friends, and fellow students to get involved. Don’t lose faith we are going to change America for the better.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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*First Published: Jan 6, 2012, 2:46 pm CST