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Congressman who voted to impeach Clinton says Trump is ‘much more serious’

Inglis called it the Donald Trump Show.


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Published Jul 4, 2017   Updated May 23, 2021, 12:58 am CDT

In a recent interview, a former Republican congressman is eating his words about the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, saying “the Donald Trump show” takes the cake.

Bob Inglis, a former Republican representative from South Carolina, voted to impeach President Bill Clinton in 1998 because Inglis said he was “sorely lacking” in moral authority. But now that Inglis has seen Donald Trump’s first six months in office, he was quick to point out Monday that “this is much more serious than anything we ever accused Bill Clinton of.”

On Monday, CNN International’s Christiane Amanpour interviewed Inglis and showed him a clip from 19 years ago when he said this about Clinton, who was caught up in the Monica Lewinsky scandal at the time: “There are issues around the world that require American leadership. The leader of the free world needs moral authority. And we’ve got a president who is sorely lacking in that regard.”

Asked to contrast that with Trump’s behavior, Inglis said, “I guess that young guy you were just playing there apparently hadn’t seen something called the Donald Trump show.”

Inglis acknowledged Clinton’s problems, including perjury and an extramarital affair. But he said that doesn’t compare to Trump’s issues.

“This is something quite different, particularly when it gets into the Russia investigation and the firing of James Comey,” Inglis said. “These are very serious matters.”

Ingles also said he was bothered by the U.S. withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, which he called a “very poor decision” and described it as “sniveling with Syria over there on the sidelines when we should be leading the world to a solution.”

Watch the entire CNN interview here.

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*First Published: Jul 4, 2017, 3:57 pm CDT