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A 2021 Biden executive order is being accused of election fraud—there’s just one problem

Receiving voter registration materials doesn’t make someone eligible to vote.


Tricia Crimmins


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The Order: 

In his second month as President in 2021, Joe Biden signed an executive order to better promote access to voting in the U.S. One of the main tenets of the order requires federal agencies to provide educational materials about voting registration—like how to vote in upcoming elections and request a vote-by-mail ballot—to individuals who came into contact with the agency.

The Backlash: 

More than three years later, Alabama’s Secretary of State, Wes Allen, said the executive order allows voter registration forms to be sent to non-citizens and the deceased from federal agencies, per Biden’s 2021 executive order.

“The Biden Administration is knowingly and purposefully enacting policies that result in supplying non-citizens with a mechanism to register to vote in our state and all 49 other states,” Allen said in a statement on June 5. “To say I am deeply concerned is an understatement. Only American citizens should be allowed to participate in our elections.”

After Allen’s statement was picked up by Newsmax, a conservative broadcast news network, it caused an uproar online among the far-right.  

“HERE WE GO,” Wall Street Apes, a far-right influencer, wrote in a post over the weekend. “Proof Illegal Migrants Signed Up To Vote.”

“Illegals in Alabama are now getting provided voter registration forms,” Paul A. Szypula, another far-right influencer, posted. “Election fraud!”

“Illegals in Alabama are provided with voter registration forms!!! WHAT! Then what is the point of being an American citizen!!?? How is this allowed??” another X user wrote. “These DEMS are dirtbags!! Any illegal that votes should be arrested!!”

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The Background: 

There’s just one problem—receiving voter registration materials doesn’t make someone eligible to vote. Non-citizens cannot vote

To vote in all U.S. states in state and federal elections, one must be a citizen and over 18 years old. Individual states have further specific requirements regarding voter registration and felon status, but non-citizens cannot register to vote in state and federal elections.

In some cities and municipalities, noncitizens can vote in local elections.

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