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Beer me: The best apps to celebrate International Beer Day

Whether you prefer to venture out to a brewery or drink in solitude, the app market has enough options to fill a keg. 

Aug 1, 2019, 5:00 am



Molly McHugh

While the famous Benjamin Franklin quote “beer is proof that God loves us” may have turned out to be slightly misconstrued (it was more likely about wine), the sentiment remains accurate for many of us. In lieu of the fast-approaching International Beer Day, we’ve compiled the best beer apps to help beer drinkers celebrate. Whether you prefer to venture out to a brewery or drink in solitude, are a beer-drinking novice or a total snob, the app market has enough options to fill a keg.

The very best beer apps


Untappd is basically Yelp for beer drinkers. Users can log their beers whether drinking in the comfort of their own homes or at a bar or brewery. The app functions as a beer diary as well as a way to check-in to local taphouses. Of course rating and reviewing is all part of the process, and Untappd can be as social (or anti-social) as you want it to be. It’s the most fully featured digital beer companion a casual drinker could ask for. 

best beer apps


Similarly to Untappd, Barly helps you find bars and beers, as well as better understand all the various acronyms those beer lists throw around. (Keep confusing IBU and ABV? Barly can help you out.) Those with a better understanding can use Barly’s “palate” tool to find the best specific beverages nearby; maybe Monday feels like a good night for an IPA, but come Friday, it’s time for a stout. Either way, Barly will find the best and closest option for your cravings.

best beer apps


Beer lovers know and love RateBeer as the most in-depth database for brews. The app (and website) are ideal for geeking out over the intricacies of a beer, and it also includes an authoritative rating system that includes a massive amount of different beers.

best beer apps ratebeer

Brewery Passport 

Perhaps your favorite part of brews is the brewery part. If so, the tediousness of beer details in some apps is likely lost on you. Brewery Passport lets users collect digital stamps when they visit breweries—and of course, add notes about the spot as well as their beers. It’s a great beer-tasting companion when you’re visiting a new city and trying out new breweries.

best beer apps


Forget logging beers, detailed note-taking, or cataloging brewery stops—what about, and hear me out here—just drinking beer?! Not to be redundant, but Beer?! has you covered. The app does one thing and one thing only: Sends a designated contact a single message that reads “Beer?!” There’s no way to misinterpret that.

best beer apps


Beer is generally the beverage of choice for social drinkers, but no judgment here if you prefer to drink alone in the quiet of your own home—maybe without even putting on pants and going out to acquire a six-pack. Drizly is Postmates for alcohol, so go ahead and remain pants-free.

best beer apps


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*First Published: Aug 1, 2019, 5:00 am