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Barack Obama drops the mic on ‘Fancy’ covers

First things first, it’s the realest.


Chase Hoffberger


No song of the summer? Please. Get “Fancy.” Iggy Azalea’s chart-topper’s the only tune you’ll remember from these dog days. 

If the bouncy melody and and whiplashed lyrics aren’t enough to clog your memory banks, maybe Barack Obama’s ringing endorsement will. The President—well, an online iteration of him—appeared on YouTube Tuesday to indicate his unwavering awareness of the Aussie rap track, rapping literally every single word (with almost too much individualism) of the track’s first verse and hook in a series of various suits and casual attires.

The video comes courtesy of speech mash artist extraordinaire BaracksDubs, 21-year-old Fadi Saleh, profiled by the Daily Dot two years ago, a college-student-turned-YouTube-video-editor who’s benefitting nearly as much as the O-Man himself from the President’s enduring administration. Thanks to Saleh we’ve seen Obama sing everything from One Direction to “Call Me Maybe” to that “Hold and Cold” track by Katy Perry.

In two days online, the new clip has already garnered more than 1.7 million views.

“I plan to keep doing this until people aren’t entertained by it,” Saleh said when we spoke in 2012. “I enjoy doing them myself as well, and people don’t seem to be tired of it yet—or getting near tired of it.”

Photo via Baracksdubs/YouTube

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