The Internet’s obsession with bacon is about to come back with a vengeance. 

Remember when everyone on the Internet was obsessed with bacon, like, two or three years ago? Did you think that was over? Yeah, I did too. But apparently, wiener conglomerate Oscar Mayer didnt get the memo. They’ve just introduced Wake Up And Smell The Bacon, an alarm clock-esque device that lets you—literally—wake up and smell the bacon.

Here’s a (hilariously, unnecessarily high-budget) teaser:


It’s probably not necessary for you to know exactly how it works. How is chocolate so delicious? how is a flower so lovely? how are Jared Leto’s eyes so blue? Some things are so perfect you don’t need science to explain them. 

But for the curious, we’ll explain: The gadget plugs into your iPhone and you activate it by entering the time you need to wake up on Oscar Mayer’s alarm clock companion app. When the alarm clock goes off, the device emits a few puffs of bacon scent, as well as the sound of crackling pig parts on the stove.

If you’re already frantically calling your local Wal-Mart to find out how you can purchase this device, we unfortunately have bad news for you: It’s not for sale. It’s only available as a prize to a contest on Oscar Mayer’s website, which asks you to fill out a survey and describe in three words how much you love Oscar Mayer’s bacon.

Although I’m of the opinion that Oscar Mayer’s meat products are kind of gross—is there a specific reason why they all smell and presumably taste like the seats on an elementary school bus?—I’m more than willing to pretend otherwise to get my hands on one of these babies. Here’s a draft of my three-word contest entry: “OMG F***ING BACON.”

H/T Yahoo! News | Screengrab via Oscar Mayer/YouTube

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