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Apple is replacing faulty iPhone 6s batteries

If your iPhone 6s keeps shutting off abruptly, you may be in store for a replacement battery from Apple.


Christina Bonnington


Apple’s got some good news for a handful of unfortunate iPhone 6s owners. In a statement on its site, Apple confirmed that “a very small number of iPhone 6s devices may unexpectedly shut down.” The company is now offering replacement battery units for affected phones. 

To be clear, this isn’t an issue of Galaxy Note 7 proportions. It’s only affecting a small number of phones—a limited serial number range manufactured between September and October 2015, Apple says. 

If you’ve been perplexed (or repeatedly annoyed) by your 6s randomly shutting down, you can head to an Apple Retail Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to have its serial number checked. If your iPhone is a member of the problem group of phones, you could be eligible for a free replacement battery. According to videos from YouTube, the issue has been plaguing some users since the phone came out last year.

One note: If your phone is cracked or has other damage, you’ll need to fix that first before Apple installs your replacement battery, Mashable reports. Apple also advises that you’ll want to back up your phone, turn off its “Find My iPhone” feature, and erase it before taking it in for a replacement. 

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