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These are the best Amazon Alexa Easter eggs

There’s a new way to summon her, too.


Christina Bonnington


Alexa, the voice-controlled AI in Amazon’s Echo speaker products, is quickly becoming a must-have household companion. Not only does she quickly fetch you the day’s weather, play a Pandora music station for you, or let you order something from Amazon without even touching your phone, Alexa is also the keeper of a lot of quirky secret tricks.

And we mean a lot: There are at least 124 documented Easter eggs you can use on Alexa. That’s not counting the fact that you can now summon Alexa using one of three other pre-programmed “wake” words. If you don’t like calling her Alexa, you can awaken your Echo by saying “Amazon,” “Echo,” or “Computer.”

Once awakened, a myriad of useful (and not so useful) requests are at your disposal. After testing out Alexa’s many responses and capabilities, below are some of our favorite Easter eggs, along with a sample response you’ll get for that query.

Fun and jokes

Asking Alexa some of these open-ended questions are particularly entertaining if you’re bored and need a chuckle (or if you’re looking for some fresh, SFW laughs for your elementary-age niece or nephew.)

Tell me a joke!
“What’s a zombie’s favorite vacation destination? … The Dead Sea”
“What do lemons drink when they get sick? A lemon-aid!”

Why did the chicken cross the road?
“Perhaps the chicken saw some tasty corn? I don’t know”
“That’s really only the chicken’s business”
“To get the other side!”

Rock, paper scissors.
“OK, let’s play! 3, 2, 1, scissors.”

Personal queries

If you try to get flirty with Alexa, she won’t take the bait.

Who’s your daddy?
“I was made by a team of inventors at Amazon.”

Do you have a boyfriend?
“I try to be friends with everyone.”

What are you wearing?
“They don’t make clothes for me.”

Would you like a drink?
“I’ll pass, thanks!”

Are you a robot?
“I like to imagine myself a bit like an aurora borealis: A surge of charged, multi-colored photons dancing through the atmosphere. Mostly though, I am just Alexa.”


Alexa is familiar with modern tech, and not afraid to plug Amazon products (naturally).

Do you know Siri?
“Only by reputation.”

What do you think of the iPhone?
“You should try the Amazon Prime Music app on the iPhone; it’s great.”

Mac or PC?
“Either will work just fine; it’s the typewriters you need to watch out for.”

Movies, music, and TV shows

Alexa has an impressive repository of pop-culture knowledge. She recognizes references from Star Wars to Wayne’s World, and then some.

May the force be with you.
“And with you.”

Who you gonna call?

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
“That beverage has not been programmed into the replication system.”

More cowbell.
“Really explore the studio space this time. I mean, really explore the space.”

What does the fox say?
“A-hee-ahee ha-hee”

Take me to your leader.
“My leader is busy, but perhaps I can help.”

Useful tools

There’s no need to reach for your calculator or even Google if you’ve got an Echo around.

What is X plus Y? 

Random number between X and Y. 

Flip a coin. or Heads or tails?

Roll the dice. 

You can also ask her a variety of questions you’d normally ask Google, such as:

What is a prime number? 

What is a noun? 

Where is Italy?

Alexa’s capabilities—and quirky responses—are always growing and changing. Check back as we add continue to add more of her funniest, most surprising, and most useful Easter eggs to this list.

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