This iTunes hit song is 10 minutes of silence


A silent 10-minute song titled “A a a a a Very Good Song” reached the top 100 chart on iTunes this week, and is saving iPhone owners from some unnecessary road rage.

The need for such an ingenious track stems from an annoyance iPhone users face when listening to music in their car. When an iPhone is plugged into (most) car stereos, it will automatically begin to play music in alphabetical order. This mean users listen to the same song—probably starting with the letter A—every time they turn on their vehicle.

“A a a a a Very Good Song,” which currently sits at No. 47 on the iTunes charts, acts as a buffer, giving iPhone users 10 minutes of silence to make a selection before their overplayed track starts up again.

Creator Samir Mezrahi tweeted about his hit track Wednesday. The tweet gained 15,000 likes within 24-hours, catapulting his silent symphony onto iTunes’ coveted song chart ahead of artists Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore, Bruno Mars, Kesha, and Justin Timberlake, among other superstars.

An alternative to shelling out 99 cents for the inaudible song would be to add your own blank track and title it with a bunch of As. Then again, you really can’t put a price on silence.

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Phillip Tracy

Phillip Tracy

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