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YouTube is fueling the rise in flat earth believers
The Flat Earthers are expanding, thanks to YouTube.
Scathing privacy report calls Facebook a ‘digital gangster’
The report was released this weekend.
The Hatebook: Inside Facebook’s thriving subculture of racism
It's hard to police, but it's not clear if Facebook wants to.
‘Subtle Asian Dating’ is the un-Tinder we all need right now
Matchmaking in the new old-fashioned way.
Report: Google used shell companies to build data centers, obtain tax breaks
The tech giant used shell companies to secure development deals.
Why the Twitter left loves to dunk on Max Boot
Max Boot is deserving of every dunk.
Twitter hid post from an account linked to Iran’s Supreme Leader
The tweet supported a 30-year-old fatwa.
Bug lets Twitter save your DMs—even after you delete them
Even data from suspended or deactivated accounts is saved.
Ann Coulter’s Twitter bio links to a vulgar parody account
The account insults celebrities and references exorcisms.
New website will endlessly generate fake faces thanks to AI
The creator hopes to bring public awareness to power of AI.
FCC looks to tackle robocalls and spoofed texts
Foreign spoofers targeting the U.S. could soon face fines or other penalties.
Facebook faces pressure from Congress to reduce anti-vaccination exposure
The company responded after getting a letter from a member of Congress.
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