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Google is quietly testing out vacation rentals in its hotel search
When you search hotels in Europe, vacation rentals may also crop up now.
Watch Elon Musk test his car elevator on a Tesla Model S
This is our first look at the Boring Company's sled system.
What you really need to know about malware
Malware can ruin more than just your day.
China is using predictive AI to stop crimes before they happen
The software uses a rating system to identify groups of highly suspicious people.
RIP Adobe Flash, nuisance to all
So long, annoying plug-in warnings!
Toyota reportedly set to release fast-charging, long-range electric cars by 2022
The company plans to use a new type of high-energy density battery.
iRobot may sell maps of users’ home layouts in the future
Your data can always be sold to the highest bidder. Always.
Lenovo gives us our first look at a fully-functioning foldable smartphone
There is no release date or price for the concept device.
Is Amazon Prime really worth the price?
Amazon Prime can be your one-stop shop, but is it worth the cost?
Facebook page bombarded with 1-star reviews in protest of hacker’s arrest
The teenager reportedly notified Budapest transportation authorities of a critical flaw in its site.
U.S. company to implant microchips in employees to improve productivity
Around 50 employees are scheduled to be microchipped on Aug. 1.