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This giant net could make the ocean plastic-free by 2050
The system will launch out of San Francisco in mid-2018.
Police went to a funeral home to unlock a dead man’s phone
It's becoming more common than you think.
The ‘Notifica’ app is preparing undocumented immigrants for encounters with ICE
With a tap of a button, users can notify family if they're about to be detained.
Kanye West tweeted support for Candace Owens—and a lot of people are not happy
Owens has called Trump the 'savior' of the free world.
Google app ‘Grasshopper’ offers games to help you learn to code
Learn to code JavaScript for 5 minutes a day.
Cambridge Analytica whistleblower says he will testify before Congress
Facebook's data scandal isn't going away.
Trump-loving YouTubers Diamond and Silk to testify in front of Congress
They probably won't have kind things to say.
Amazon workers across the country reportedly rely on food stamps
The online marketplace downplayed the reports.
A swarm of Twitter bots is threatening to invade Southeast Asia
The social network has not taken action days after being notified.
Google finally has an iMessage alternative—kind of
Google has quietly been working on a game-changer.
Russia brings down its internet trying to hunt down Telegram app
More than 19 million IPs were blocked.
Watch the founder of the ice bucket challenge regain his voice
Pat Quinn regained his voice with the help of new technology.
Facebook is making a tiny change that will protect it from strict privacy laws
The social network downplayed the reasoning for its actions.
Data harvesting firm leaked personal data on 48 million people
The company refutes the details of the leak.
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