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Infected flashlight apps are stealing money from Android users
Thousands of Android users have been infected.
Why is Apple promoting the Louis C.K. app?
Apple TV listed Louis C.K.'s app under 'New Apps We Love.'
The FCC is cracking down on robocalls
New FCC regulations, who dis?
Uber buys 24,000 Volvo XC90s: The autonomous fleet that will replace drivers
The luxury SUVs will be delivered between 2019 and 2021.
Elon Musk teases rocket-powered flying roadster
The CEO says a flying electric sports car is "certainly possible."
Jeffrey Tambor is leaving ‘Transparent’ amid sexual harassment allegations
'This is no longer the job I signed up for four years ago.'
Are jokes about men ‘hate speech’? Facebook seems to think so
Women are getting banned for reacting with humor—meanwhile, their harassers are going unpunished.
Germany bans children’s smartwatches amid security, spying concerns
There are some major privacy concerns.
Alexa has new Thanksgiving skills, and here’s how to put her to the test
Turkey cooking questions? Alexa's got you covered.
Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+
Here's the latest on the upcoming flagship's specs, price, and release date.
Apple delays launch of its HomePod speaker until 2018
If you were hoping to get one for the 2017 holiday season, that's a no-go.
‘Transparent’ may continue without Jeffrey Tambor
Season 5 is being written right now.
Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot’s new skills are freaking terrifying
Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot would probably win the robot Olympics.
Tesla unveils its Semi and surprises everyone with a second-gen Roadster
Introducing the future of long-haul trucking and the fastest production car in the world.