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Sanders campaign fires staffer after anti-Semitic, homophobic tweets surface
'He is no longer with the campaign and we wish him the best.'
Amazon sends customers condoms and soap instead of Nintendo Switch
One customer contacted the police to investigate the 'fraud.'
Here’s everything you need to know about virtual reality sex
The future is here, and it's teledildonic.
Thousands of Uber users have reported sexual assaults, company says
Uber releases safety report showing nearly 6,000 reported cases between 2017 and 2018.
How emotional labor discourse spawned multiple memes
Are you in the right headspace to look at these memes?
The best app controlled Christmas lights for the holidays
Christmas lights once required someone to crawl under the tree to plug and unplug them. Not anymore.
Go green and save green with solar-powered Christmas lights
Going green is easier than ever in the season of red and green.
Social media companies continue to fail to police fake behavior, study finds
The study showed how it easy it was to get fake engagement.
Bernie Sanders unveils ‘high-speed internet for all’ plan
The plan calls for investing in municipal broadband and restoring net neutrality, among other things.
WhatsApp accounts deleted amid Kashmir internet blackout
The WhatsApp accounts were reportedly inactive for too long.
Guy gets mocked for tattoo of Baby Yoda drinking White Claw
'A sadder tattoo there has never been.'
Woman caught her boyfriend cheating through his Fitbit
'His physical activity levels were spiking on the app.'
Artists get revenge on art-stealing T-shirt bots
The bots aren't smart enough to recognise a trap. Yet.
Photo of Uber office bathrooms renews concerns about treatment of drivers
Uber said the bathroom signs were a 'mistake.'
There’s a lot you can say during sex and also while at Disney World 
'Name something you can say during a Giants game and sex.'
Peloton shows 3 positive emails and a Facebook post to prove its ad wasn’t cringe
The next time you go to mock Peloton, just remember that Heather on Facebook totally loves its advertising.
Instagram taking steps to ensure users are over 13 years old
The app will now ask users to provide their birth dates to confirm their age.
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