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‘Skygofree’ and ‘GhostTeam’ malware puts Android phones in danger
Both attacks are capable of controlling social media accounts.
WhatsApp scam tricks users into paying a fake subscription fee
Victims are advised to scan their devices for malware.
Amazon and Netflix cancel their niche, weird comedies
Amazon is trying to finds its audience.
Apple will let iPhone users disable its performance-throttling software
The changes come at the risk of shutdowns.
Facebook’s AI chief doesn’t like Sophia the Robot
'This is hurtful,' Yann LeCun said.
Army commander admits men may have been abducted by UFOs
The Rendlesham Forest incident is the U.K.'s Roswell.
Amazon reveals 20 remaining cities in HQ2 contest
The online marketplace will announce the winner later this year.
Attacks on Google, Apple buses shatter windows, force reroute
The tech giants were forced to reroute the shuttles for employee safety.
Everything we know about Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ TV series
One does not simply make a 'Lord of the Rings' TV series.
Apple’s $350 billion U.S. investment includes a new campus
The location of its forthcoming workplace will be announced later this year.
New Facebook feature lets multiple people watch the same video simultaneously
The new feature is first being tested on groups.
‘ChaiOS’ text bomb breaks iMessage with a single link
You have a new iPhone bug to worry about.
Spike TV says goodbye with a fake Twitter meltdown
It's not the worst way to go out.
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