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Feds say college student operated drug business through gaming app
The student allegedly advertised the app on posters across campus.
Trump is again using old videos to claim his border wall is ‘under construction’
Reports show that as of last month, no new miles of border wall had been constructed.
Laura Loomer leads fruitless right-wing march on Twitter
Protesters called CEO Jack Dorsey a 'scaredy cat.'
Facebook let advertisers target users interested in infamous Nazis
Company admits topics 'should have been caught and removed sooner.'
Trump randomly calls for companies to ‘step up’ their 5G efforts in U.S.
He also said he wanted 'even 6G' technology.
Are you being harassed by a Bernie Bro or a Bernie bot?
It's hard to know the difference.
The Twitter accounts taking on journalism’s straight, white, cis male problem
The industry needs diversity now more than ever.
12 essential Amazon Echo accessories for your smart home
These smart home devices for Alexa will both simplify and improve your lifestyle. All you have to do is start with the magic word.
Pinterest is reportedly blocking vaccination searches
The effort has been going on since late last year.
Nike’s self-lacing smart sneakers malfunction days after release
The highly-anticipated kicks are starting off on the wrong foot.
Trump unveils ‘workshopped’ nickname for Bernie Sanders
The 2020 nicknames are being workshopped apparently, but one candidate gets an old one.
The simple way to connect Apple TV and HomePod
There's an easy shortcut.
YouTube is fueling the rise in flat earth believers
The Flat Earthers are expanding, thanks to YouTube.
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