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Kidnapped teen used Snapchat to get rescued
Three men have been charged in the kidnapping.
Instagram and Facebook are reportedly blocking queer ads
'There are biases and assumptions built into the algorithms that are designed to silence us.'
Governor bans sex puns on free condom wrappers
The ''offensive packaging' didn't get proper approval.
Did Martha McSally plan her ‘liberal hack’ viral moment? was up and running about an hour later.
Vox Day, ‘alt-right’ racist, is absolutely thriving online
He's making money and spreading his 'racist' message far and wide.
70,000 Tinder photos of women are being circulated in cybercrime forum
It remains unclear what the photos will be used for.
Trump’s latest impeachment tweet inspires perfect meme
‘Vanderpump Rules’ fans dredge up new cast member’s racist tweets
Max Boyens has since made his account private.
Deepfake app turns you into your favorite GIFs
Doublicat utilizes artificial intelligence to swap users' faces with those of celebrities.
This guy said he was going to be on John Oliver—was it just a scam?
PR professional claims he was trolled, possibly by the shady internet service he keeps talking about.
Did Jack Dorsey just reveal the ‘verification god’ who can get you verified?
It appears the Twitter CEO may have just made one employee's life a living hell.
This hashtag proves that even Baby Yoda has problems
Being short stinks and frogs always taste better fresh.
Spotify wants to make a playlist for your pet
Generate songs for your dog, cat, iguana, bird, or hamster.
Federal rule change could allow 3D-printed gun blueprints back online
Even without the change, 3D-printed gun blueprints continue to spread unabated.
Grindr, OkCupid could be violating privacy laws
Advertisers could have access to your OkCupid profile.
Vince Vaughn-Trump clip sparks cancelations, un-cancelations, re-cancelations
Cancelations were being thrown like flags on the field.
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