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Post-Prime Day recap: Shipping delays, more sales, and a scam
It's time to make sense of the aftermath of the biggest online sales event of the year.
Jacob Wohl returns to Twitter … for now
Is it weird that we kinda missed the little guy?
Emoji Mashup Bot gives life to unidentifiable emotions
Now there's an emoji for everything you could literally ever feel.
Charlottesville attacker’s Twitter account included praise for Hitler
He praised Hitler and interacted with other far-right figures
Please stop being horny on main for #IceBae and other horrible people
With great thirst comes great responsibility.
How a deepfake gets made
It's still a tall order.
White woman who claims she invented sleep bonnets is selling them for $100
The NiteCap founder said she 'came up with the idea' preparing for her wedding.
Wait, how tall is Peppa Pig?
The same height as Shaq, apparently.
Twitter suspends Iranian state media outlets for harassing members of a religious minority 
The accounts were allegedly targeting followers of the Bahá'í Faith.
Pro-MAGA pageant queen stripped of title over ‘offensive’ tweets
'Obviously I am not racist or stuff like that.'
Philadelphia to fire 13 officers for racist, violent Facebook posts 
The officers demonstrated 'little or no regard for their positions as police officers.'
Woman documents how airport staff broke her wheelchair 
Others are now sharing their own stories with #disabledairlinehorror.
Facebook and Google could be tracking you on porn sites
A scan of over 22,000 found that 93 percent contained trackers from major tech companies.
Twitter overturns Barrett Brown’s third permanent suspension
Barrett Brown is getting banned again.
Bella Thorne claims Tana Mongeau ‘broke girl code’ in a series of messy tweets 
She also says Mongeau only dated her for Twitter clout.
Redditors keep this data engineer’s plants alive for him
They have been watering his plants for three years now.
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