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Majority of threats made since El Paso and Dayton shootings have been made online
Out of the 27 threats made, about 20 were made online.
Miley Cyrus tweets about cheating allegations and penis cake drama
She says she did not cheat on Liam Hemsworth, despite rumors.
Microsoft contractors listened in on Xbox users
Contractors say they regularly heard audio recordings of young children.
This comedian attempted to make fun of women on Twitter—and it did not go over well
Ryan the Leader got ratioed for an outdated video that mocks women.
Logan Paul wants to help the Amazon rainforest
The infamous YouTuber took to social media to ask the world what he can do.
This video of dozens of inflatable mattresses taking off in the wind is perfect
🎵 "Born freeeeeee, as free as the wind blows... 🎵
How to create your very own Instagram hoax
Fool your parents with this easy-to-use, Mad Libs-style guide.
Is ‘Save Spider-Man from Sony’ fueled by pro-Disney bots?
Shady-as-hell accounts are driving the viral campaign against Sony.
How to listen to YouTube music in the background on your phone
Listening to YouTube music can be a pain if you need to use your phone for anything else. Here are five ways to listen to videos in the background on your phone.
Facebook content moderators continue to suffer from brutal working conditions 
Moderators have to watch everything–from infants being raped and pigs being set on fire to beheadings.
Walmart is suing Tesla over fires at stores with solar panels
The retail giant says millions in damages were caused by fires at seven stores.
The best and safest torrenting sites you should be using in 2019
With a proliferation of streaming services out there, some are turning back to torrenting.
Why does everyone keep falling for that Instagram and Facebook hoax?
The fake claim has been circulating for years and continues to fool internet users.
A bunch of celebrities fell for that viral Instagram hoax
At least Trevor Noah had a good response to it.
Up to 20 states are banding together to probe Facebook, Google
A states probe would come shortly after a federal investigation was announced.
How to make sure you have access to every Instagram filter
Thought you were working with all of Instagram's filters? Think again.
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