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Scientists aim to grow humans in plastic bag after successful test on baby sheep
Preterm birth complications accounted for nearly one million deaths in 2015 alone.
This app alerts you to the rampant white-collar crime in your area
Instead of 'criminalizing poverty, White Collar Crime Risk Zones criminalizes wealth.'
Rumored Samsung screen takes Galaxy S8’s infinity display to the next level
The Korean giant is already looking past its well-received edge-to-edge screen.
Jack Dorsey’s own user base blasts him after he asks for advice on Twitter
Does Jack himself even know how to use Twitter?
Phoenix residents can ride in Waymo’s self-driving cars—for free
You can sign up to be a part of Waymo's 'early rider program.'
Tom Hanks jokes surveillance-loving character in ‘The Circle’ is based on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
'You know that he's a diabolical genius because he has a beard.'
FaceApp is ‘deeply sorry’ for its skin-whitening ‘hot’ filter
The latest face-morphing craze has a few problems to work out.
Apple delays its first ever TV series, ‘Carpool Karaoke’
The Cupertino-giant needs to find a way to get its show back on pitch.
New voice-cloning AI is more dangerous than you could imagine
The company recognizes the "dangerous consequence" of its technology.
Dutch architect memorializes 21st century symbols with emoji building
The architect wanted to memorialize an icon of our strange times.
How Fitbit data helped police track down a Connecticut woman’s real killer
It took police over a year to piece together this complicated timeline of a murder.
Here’s what’s new on Amazon Prime in May
Get your queue in order.
How driverless vehicle tech could help Amazon deliver even faster
Amazon plans to use driverless vehicles for faster deliveries in the future.
Transform your Apple watch into an iMac with this stand
This makes for the cutest nightstand accessory. users are furious after finding out their private data was sold to Uber was caught selling Lyft receipts to Uber.
Stopping the spread of fake news isn’t Facebook’s job—it’s yours
These simple steps will only take a few seconds and could make a huge difference.