The Daily Dot's dating coverage deals mostly with the proliferation of online dating and all the politics surrounding it. Here you'll find reviews of new apps and stories from the most popular ones like Tinder, OKCupid, Bumble, and Grindr.

Swipe This! Should I tell my boyfriend I read the flirty texts from his co-worker?
The trust you build with your partner comes down to two people and two people only.
Parody website imagines a world where ‘Amazon Dating’ exists (updated)
Visitors can 'choose' from over 40 singles at varying prices and ratings.
Tinder adding a ‘panic button’ for when dates go awry
The button tracks users' locations and alerts authorities.
This man set up a website to find his ‘Republican Goddess’
The prospective 'Republican Goddess' must pass a questionnaire to see if they meet the reverend's 'requirements.'
This billionaire is looking for a girlfriend to take to the moon
The SpaceX investor is looking for a woman who's 'always positive.'
Sharon Stone got reported on Bumble—for being Sharon Stone
'Imagine finding Sharon Stone on Bumble but you report her instead of shooting your shot...'
The decade that dating apps exposed all our sh*t
From ‘Catfish’ to Me Too, hooking up changed in the 2010s. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
What is Lex, the new minimalist queer dating app?
This app is all text and no selfies.
More Tinder users are swipin’ right after playing platform’s apocalyptic game
The dating app now plans to bring the interactive game to international users in February 2020.
13 spooky romance games for adults
Indulge your inner monster lover.
Swipe This! My boyfriend is addicted to porn. Should I leave him?
Dating an addict can feel like dating someone who always faces you in profile.
Tinder’s video game will show you how prospective matches handle an apocalypse
Tinder users can play 'Swipe Night' every Sunday in October.
Swipe This! I found out he’s cheating on his girlfriend. Should I tell her?
We can’t look out for others if we can’t look out for ourselves.
5 ways to make your Bumble profile buzz-worthy
Here are the best ways to make your Bumble profile pop.
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