One of these times, it’s going to be true, and then how’re you going to feel?

Charles Craig has just 35 tweets to his name. The graphic designer’s first few tweets are more intense than most, as they detail one of the worst days imaginable.

He described how his normal day in Winnipeg, Canada was sharply derailed by hordes of the undead looking to feast on his and his girlfriend’s flesh.

But is it time to start stocking up on zombie-apocalypse survival guides, you ask?

The account did appear during a zombie walk (zombie-themed parades, usually in October, that have gained popularity over the last decade) in Winnipeg. And, Mike Aporius, director of photography/multimedia at the Winnipeg Free Press, created a Storify of the whole dance and was among the few to tweet about it. Plus, @chuckcraig204, the twitter handle belonging to the “victim”, follows many of the paper’s staffers.

It’s perhaps a little less impressive than a cross-media zombie apocalypse tale that spooled out on Reddit’s r/zombies section earlier this year. Still, it’s a fascinating look at how Twitter can be used for storytelling.

Since we haven’t heard anything from Winnipeg about throngs of zombies overrunning the town, we can probably assume that this was just intended to be a fun account telling the story of the zombie walk. No news is good news, right?

Photo by @chuckcraig204/Twitter

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