Whimsical Windoodles

Guerrilla artists turn John Oliver billboard ad into right-wing meme
Last month the artist collective targeted Bill Maher’s billboard with the same NPC-meme used to deface the John Oliver Last Week Tonight ad.

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This Tumblr makes art from doodles.

Windoodles is a tumblog project by artist Garrett Miller which aims to bring a bit of “dry erase markers and joy” to your browser.

Using temporary markers and windows, Miller draws little figures such as Spiderman scaling walls or cats peeking over horizons. The drawings are cunningly placed and a bit cheeky.

At just under two weeks old, the blog showcases Miller’s background in photography and design but his inner child is what makes the doodles work so well.

The charm of the idea is quickly spreading, and followers are starting to copy Miller’s idea. The Submissions page for Windoodles encourages its followers to “Find inner creativity. Doodle on a window. Avoid permanent markers. Submit.”

Photo from Windoodles