This week’s best Dribbble eye candy: “Old School Meets New School”

‘Follow the White Rabbit’ is the most bonkers conspiracy theory you will ever read
Democrats wearing ankle monitoring bracelets? Fiji water? We try to explain the latest pro-Trump conspiracy theory.

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Smart cookie dribbble

Droppin’ science, cookies crumbling, and other awesome images from the design community. 

Dribbble is a community where designers show off work in progress as shots, or 400×300 screenshots. Daily Dot designer Mathew Sisson picks 10 sweet shots every week. It’s a chance to catch something you missed, discover a new designer, or simply admire the designs.


1) Gem detail by Chris Rushing // @chrisrushing

2) Leica M3 by Cody Moiseve // @cmoiseve

3) Polished, ready for print by Jason Robb // @jasonrobb

4) Opencoach Carousel Nav by Bill S Kenney // @BillSKenney

5) Grooveshark printout by Sander Legrand // @gravual

6) Smart Cookie icon by Artua // @artua_design

7) My website totally shrinks on phones by Meagan Fisher // @owltastic

8) Old School Meets New School by Rob Schlegel // @rschleg

9) Droppin’ Science by Curtis Jinkins // @curtis_jinkins

10) Dreaming Of Boulder… by Mark Peck // @doodlemarks

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