google doodle

The one-minute animation has spurred tears from at least 10 sappy folks on Twitter. 

Valentine’s Day is such an emotional, affectionate day that some of you are even crying at today’s Google “doodle.”

The one-minute animation that loads on Google’s homepage is downright adorable—and that’s coming from the Hater. Set to Tony Bennett’s cover of “Cold, Cold Heart,” the video features a boy trying to pursue a girl by throwing a bunch of gifts at her while she looks unmoved. You’ll have to watch to see what finally wins her over.

“The animation alludes to universality,” the animators told the Washington Post. “These character archetypes, with no dialogue, so it can play around the world.”

Apparently, some of you are so stirred that you are tweeting how teary-eyed the animation made you. We found 10 people who can’t control their emotions over the video and probably cried at Free Willy.

Image by Google

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