These absurd trinkets might not leave the thrift store, but they’ve found a home on LiveJournal. 

Each week we browse LiveJournal’s Popular Entries feature to unearth fascinating, obsessive, and sometimes bizarre communities for your perusal. There’s bound to be one just for you.

It’s no wonder that people get rid of the stuff you find in a thrift shop, but based on the finds posted on Thrift Shop Horrors, it’s amazing that anybody owned this crap in the first place. From the most terrifying Easter Bunny ever to what appears to be a hat (in theory), this group prides itself on thrifting the most awful and useless items they can find.

You’d think there could only be so many creepy dolls in the world. However, Thrift Shop Horrors has been around and active since 2006. Seven thousand members (and an additional 5,000 “watchers,” LiveJournal’s term for what basically amounts to lurkers) marvel at photos of the what are possibly the most unsettling finds to end up at a thrift store.

Part of what makes the community unique is the friendly but competitive spirit of the posts. Users want to top each others’ terrible finds, and the commentary each image spurs is usually good for a hearty laugh or two.

If the find is particularly horrendous, the community mods will post it on the group’s official blog, Thrift Horror: Things from Beyond the Bargain Bin. Given the quality of the finds in the group right now, they’ve certainly got a lot to choose from.

Here are our top three finds from the last few weeks.

“Yes, that seems to be a fetus she’s carrying,” wrote submitter vegomaticbob.

Thrifter cheetanarose said the clown-art wasn’t scary, just the sounds it makes. “Are you sure you didn’t mean ‘the clown part wasn’t the ONLY horror?’” asked a terrified commenter.

Occasionally, the find is so surprising that submitters like candycornsnake don’t even have a witty comment to submit with it. That was the case with this… unique… statue.

Photos via Thrift Shop Horrors


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