Sad songs

Redditors chime in on the question, “What is the most beautiful and yet saddest song you know?”

Social news site Reddit’s AskReddit section is a great place to the poll the community on anything: from sex to relationship advice to the inane and kind of gross (whats the worst thing you’ve ever done or seen in a public restroom?). Questions routinely receive thousands of comments.

It’s also a great way, apparently, to create a community music playlist, as redditor mrsquare found out today.

“What is the most beautiful and yet saddest song you know?” he asked the community.

That post received nearly 8,000 responses. Taken together, they form the perfect playlist for the end of a long workweek or (for any college students out there) the end-of-summer blues.

We’ve compiled only the top seven below for your listening. If you need more, head over to the original thread. And try not to cry.

1. Johnny Cash – “Hurt”

2. Gary Jules – “Mad World”

(Though it’s worth noting that many redditors vastly preferred the original and much peppier versio by Tears for Fears).

3. Pink Floyd – “Wish You Were Here”

4. Sufjan Stevens – “Casimir Pulaski Day”

5. Death Cab For Cutie – “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”

6. Eliot Smith – “Needle in The Hay”

7. Samuel Barber – “Adiago for Strings”

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