Miles Jai

If you love a good rant, go watch Miles Jai, self-described drag queen, asking you to like his status.

Meet 18-year-old comedian Miles Jai, a YouTuber who has had it “up to here” with people asking others to “like my status” on Facebook.

“Like my status if you like food!”

“Like my status if you love Slinky’s”

“You got a phone? Like my status!”

Jai goes into a goofy rant that at first parodies the people he hates before breaking down into a finger-wagging monologue:

“Okay, so I am tired of all this “like my status” bullshit on Facebook. Ya’ll need to cease and desist immediately, because I can’t take this shit no more”

Uploaded on August 21st, “LIKE MAH STATUS” follows the same manic formula as  any other MilesJaiProductions videos.  

Jai, a drag queen who takes sassy positions on mundane topics, has been on YouTube  since 2008. Jai follows a long line of drag queens on YouTube; Jai though, has an edge with his anime love.  Sadly, out of Jai’s 111 videos, the views tended to max out at 3,000 views.

Until now.

“LIKE MAH STATUS” had 10,000 views 24 hours ago, after being linked on Buzzfeed, and then The Daily What. While it is unclear what brought people to Miles Jai originally, within a day, views of “LIKE MAH STATUS” had shot to 60,000 with Tumblr and Twitter mentions galore.

“LIKE MAH STATUS” is well on its way of going viral, and Jai’s Twitter friends have already started the congratulation chain.

It’s easy to see why people are sharing Jai’s video: Jai’s comedic take on Facebook etiquette adequately displays the absurdities of our digital world — and brings up some very important questions.

When is it appropriate to like someone’s status?

In this technology-ridden landscape, who knows what rules of etiquette we’ve inadvertently broken. Who knows what friends we’ve lost over the past couple of weeks because we didn’t do this one thing.

While it might sound absurd, there are social media users that take certain rules to heart. One Texas woman was allegedly beaten by her husband for not liking his Facebook status, for instance.  

Thank goodness we have Jai to remind us that the world isn’t always so serious.  

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