Strange, hilarious Twitter account author remains mysterious


@Instagrarn account delights and disturbs—but Anthony ain’t talkin’.

There’s such a fine line between @Instagram and @Instagrarn.

The former: a massively popular photo sharing app whose hipster-retro filter makes skies look brighter and breakfasts more appetizing.

The latter: A Twitter account that spews obscenitiesnonsense, and outlandish tangential wisdom to more than 80,000 followers at an alarming rate—often as many as 120 tweets per day.

What’s more, those tweets are beloved. Even some of @Instagrarn’s most mundane tweets have received upwards of 200 retweets, with some of those pass alongs coming from employees of such esteemed pillars of culture as The New York Times.

But despite the massive all this oversharing, not much is known about the man behind the @Instagrarn account.

Here’s what we do know: it’s not someone associated with Instagram. The handle’s bio makes that clear. And one can presume—given the listed [email protected] email address—that the person is a man, and that man is named Anthony.

One can also gather that Anthony’s a creature of habit, one blessed with a deranged wit, a know-it-all personality, and a salesman’s confidence. Beyond that, the most one could glean from Anthony the Instragrarner is that he’s a little bit off the handle.

The Daily Dot contacted Anthony via email yesterday afternoon but was refused an interview.

“Do you pay for interviews?” Anthony wrote.

No, Anthony, of course not. Not unless you know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

“So why would I do it?” Anthony wrote back. “Im a busy man.”

“Busy,” we suppose, is relative. The Daily Dot gathered an hour’s worth of @Instagrarn tweets into the Storify below. The total number of tweets sent in that one hour: 16.

Photo via @Instagrarn

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