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Tim Lampe is the latest to draw inspiration from the Twitter spam bot, creating show posters based on the account’s weird tweets. 

The non sequiturs spewing from @Horse_ebooks on a regular basis on Twitter are so oddly beautiful, they deserve to be treated as art.

Tim Lampe has created Horse e-Posters, a Tumblr that transforms the affiliate account’s weird tweets into frame-worthy pieces of art. The high-brow conceptual creations mesh seemingly perfectly with the Horse’s peculiar aphorisms.

Lampe, 24, told the Daily Dot he started following the mysterious account two years ago and started drawing its tweets as a way to amuse his coworkers soon after. Looking for a side project to occupy himself with, the Atlanta-based artist began to take his sketches more seriously and posted them to his newly created Tumblr.


Each tweet painted by Lampe is thought of in a methodical manner, he said. The exact tweet he picks to paint depends on two factors: laughter versus philosophy.

“There are tweets that I will laugh out loud when I read the first time (like the “Realms of Soap Making” one) and there are others that seem a parody of really deep-sounding quotes you see,” Lampe said. “Some horse ebooks tweets parody those quotes, so I wanted to do the same with the design of the posters.”

Lampe’s design process goes beyond finding a pretty font and laying it over a textured background.

“I sat down with each tweet and mind-mapped different ideas, sketched out a lot of thumbnails and ideas and then developed it,” Lampe said. He added that the illustrations are inspired by vintage book posters and the hand-drawn typography that interests him. While a bulk of the initial illustrations were created by Lampe, he said there will be contributors creating more pieces.

There’s no word what @Horse_ebooks thinks of the account, but then again, its tweets are always open to interpretation.

Photo via Horseposters/Tumblr

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