Will the real king of Facebook please stand up?

Eminem may be losing fans to younger rappers like Mac Miller, but he still rules on Facebook.

The Detroit-born rapper became the first person to surpass 60 million Facebook likes on Saturday, making him the most-liked human being on the social networking website. Eminem is gaining roughly 27,000 new likes a day and has garnered 180,000 new likes in the past week, according to PageData.

Eminem’s 60 million strong following is large enough to surpass Rihanna’s large Facebook following, with 59.3 million likes. Shakira is third most-liked artist on Facebook with 53.4 million likes, followed by Lady Gaga (53 million), and, Justin Bieber (45.7 million).

The rapper’s Facebook page is the fifth most liked overall, behind only YouTube, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Facebook for Every Phone, and Facebook itself.

Interestingly enough, Eminem’s Facebook page is not frequently updated compared to Rihanna, Shakira or Lady Gaga’s pages. The rapper has used his account to mostly just promote Slaughterhouse, a hip hop group under the guidance of his label. And on July 4th, Eminem posted a discount code for his webs tore if you’re into that.

But in a Twitter match-up, Eminem still lags far behind to other artists. He has just 11 million followers on his rarely used account, compared to 23.4 million followers for Rihanna, 25.8 million followers for Justin Bieber and 27 million followers for Lady Gaga.

We’d make a joke about the real Slim Shady standing up, but we found him alive and well on Facebook.

Photo via Facebook

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