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‘Follow the White Rabbit’ is the most bonkers conspiracy theory you will ever read
Democrats wearing ankle monitoring bracelets? Fiji water? We try to explain the latest pro-Trump conspiracy theory.

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Our picks from the design community’s best work: Candy Monsters, SXSW, and typography on a toboggan

Dribbble is a community where designers show off work in progress as shots, or 400×300 screenshots. Daily Dot designer Mathew Sisson picks 10 sweet shots every week. It’s a chance to catch something you missed, discover a new designer, or simply admire the designs.


Here are the top 10 picks this week.

#1 – Nike+ Universal Profile by Josh Rhode // @kulthouse

#2 – App Icon Detail by Ben Cline // @kletsgorally

#3 – SXSW 1.2 by Benjamin Garner // @benjamin_garner

#4 – Candy Monster by Linus Carlsson // @carlsson_linus

#5 – Fishing by Tim Boelaars // @timboelaars

#6 – The Eye by Fahrizal Tawakkal // @frzlt

#7 – New direction for web app by Chris Gillis // @chrisgillis

#8 – Dew Toboggan by Andrew Hoffman // @andrewhoffman

#9 – Live support by Danny Keane // @dannykeane

#10 – Chat Select iPhone UI by Jeff Broderick // @brdrck

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